Black Horse PPI

Black Horse PPI

Black Horse have made millions from selling Black Horse PPI (Black Horse Payment Protection Insurance) with Black Horse Loans. But past and present borrowers could now be entitled to claim their money back with interest by making Black Horse PPI claims.

Lloyds TSB who own Black Horse, have already paid out 4.3 billion pounds in compensation for mis-sold, much of this money was used to compensate Black Horse PPI victims. Lloyds TSB have now admitted they could have to pay back a further 2.4 billion pounds to borrowers, including those who were mis-sold Black Horse PPI.

Black Horse are now writing to some borrowers to ask them if they would like to make a mis-sold Black Horse PPI claim themselves. It would appear that Black Horse would like their borrowers to make their own PPI claims.

However, you will not get back the money you paid for Black Horse PPI just because you make a claim. People who try to use template letters or reasons found on the Internet and are often surprised when their claims are rejected.

Many people forget that Lenders keep copies of the paperwork or recorded telephone calls. This information can prove borrowers willingly agreed to take out PPI with their Loan and to justify rejecting their PPI refund claim.

A Nationwide firm of Solicitors that specialises in PPI disputes has warned that only 20% of refund claims are successful.

Our Company specialises in Black Horse PPI refund claims, we have a 100% success record for wining refund claims for clients who were mis-sold Black Horse PPI.

We know how to claim back the maximum amount of money and are proud our average successful client is awarded over £7,000.

We are so confident, we work on a No Win No Fee* commission only basis. So if you do not receive money back you will not pay us a penny.

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Lloyds Black Horse PPI

The Citizens Advice Bureau reports: "...Clients find that they cannot make a successful claim on their policy... and PPI policies add 20% or more to the total amount to be repaid...".

Because of the way most Black Horse PPI works it only provides cover for the first 5 years of your Loan. But when it finishes your monthly payments will not come down and you will effectively continue to pay for it until your Loan is fully repaid.

However, if we win your Black Horse PPI refund claim, your monthly payments could be substantially reduced and you could also receive back thousands of pounds. You can then decide if you want to take out new PPI with an Insurance Company for only a few pounds a month.

If you cancel your Black Horse PPI, you will not get back all the money you have paid, the interest you have already paid on it and you will still have to pay interest on it until your Loan is fully repaid.

If you successfully claim a refund through ourselves all the money you paid for PPI will be deducted from your balance (or back to you by cheque) and you will receive a cheque for all the interest you have paid on it and compensation of 8% a year for each year you have had it.

Even if you have already repaid your Black Horse Loan or your Insurance has ended, we may be able to help you claim back thousands of pounds.

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Black Horse PPI


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