Royal Bank of Scotland


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have made millions of pounds by selling people Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) with their Loans and Mortgages. However, the Competition Commission recently banned Royal Bank of Scotland from selling any more single premium Payment Protection Insurance and thousands of people could be entitled to claim their money back with interest.

The Citizens Advice Bureau has reported : "...Clients find that they cannot make a successful claim on their policy because of exclusion and administrative barriers to making a claim. Premiums for PPI policies add 20% or more to the total amount to be repaid on a loan..."

Royal Bank of Scotland PPI was sold under various names, but most included one or more of the following words: Protection, Accident, Unemployment, Sickness, Income,  Payment, Cover or Plan.

A Nationwide firm of Solicitors that specialises in Payment Protection Insurance disputes, recently warned that only one in five refund claims are successful. You will only get one chance to reclaim your money, if your claim is rejected you could have wasted your only opportunity to receive back several thousand pounds.

We help the average client receive a refund of over £2,500, with some people having received back over £20,000 and our specialists have a 100% record of wining refunds for people who have been mis-sold PPI.

We know whether or not RBS is allowed to refund your money can depend on how they are asked and no client has ever reported a problem after their refund has been handled by our Company.

We may also be able to help if you have repaid your RBS Loan or Mortgage or even cancelled your Insurance during the last 6 years or your Lender has already refused to refund your money.

You can claim your refund, your payments could be significantly reduced and you can then decide if you want to take out brand new Payment Protection Insurance for only a few pounds a month.

We will take care of the paperwork and deal with your Royal Bank of Scotland on your behalf.

We work on a No Win No Fee* basis, this means if we win your claim our fee is as low as 20% of the money you are awarded. However, if you do not receive any money back we will not charge you a penny.

You can find out if we can help you receive a refund on your Royal Bank of Scotland Payment Protection Insurance Policy in under 45 seconds by CLICKING HERE


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have announced they may have to pay back over 1 billion pounds in compensation to customers, this includes a large number of mis-sold Royal Bank of Scotland PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) policies.


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