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29th august 2019
Professional Personal Claims has helped thousands of people claim back over ten million pounds for their mis-sold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) they took out with their Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards and Overdrafts. Unlike other PPI claims Companies, we specialise in claiming compensation from only a few Lenders. This means we can remain completely familiar with how your Lender assesses PPI claims.

We will take care of the paperwork and seek to ensure you receive a full refund of the money you paid for PPI, the interest you have paid on it and up to 8% interest for each year you had the PPI. This is why some successful claimants have been awarded over £10,000.
HSBC who owns EPF sets aside an extra £352 Million to pay out PPI on top of the £2.46 Billion already set aside.               Sky News estimate the Banks PPI mis-selling bill will be more than £22 Billion.                The FCA is forcing lenders re-open over 2.5 Million PPI cases.                 The RBS Natwest group sets aside a further £100 Million taking their PPI provision to £3.3 Billion.                 £22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPIBarclays sets aside a further £170 Million taking their PPI provision to £5.02 Billion.                FCA confirm mis-selling PPI bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.HSBC who owns EPF sets aside an extra £352 Million to pay out PPI on top of the £2.46 Billion already set aside.
Our Company only deals with PPI claims and always works on a No Win No Fee* basis. This means you will not have to pay an upfront fee and as long as you let us finish your claim, if you don’t receive money back you won’t have to pay a fee. Some of our staff have previously represented Lenders who sold PPI and have been qualified to sell PPI for over 10 years. Therefore, we understand how Lenders succeeded in selling PPI, how it could have been mis-sold and how to ensure claimants receive the maximum Compensation payment.

Refreshingly, we never cold call, junk text or buy leads from Companies that do. All of our Clients come to us by choice, through personal recommendation from previous Clients or from research they have conducted for themselves on the Internet.
Professional Personal Claims Ltd is an independent claims management Company unconnected with any Bank or other financial institution. Consumers do not have to use a claims management Company to complain, they may make their own complaints, use the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme free of charge.

*The only way you could only ever be out of pocket is if you change your mind and decide to cancel using our services part way through the claim process. Only in these very unusual circumstances, we will charge a fee for the work we have already conducted.

It is free to find out if you took out PPI and if you can make a claim. To start to find out now if you can make a mis-sold PPI claim Click Here.
find out if we can help you claim