fscs ppi claims

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme Payment Protection Insurance department (FSCS PPI) is a separate department who handle FSCS PPI claims. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme PPI (FSCS Payment Protection Insurance) department consider PPI claims against Lenders and Brokers who have been declared in default because they have ceased to trade or cannot afford to pay compensation.

We specialise in pursuing FSCS PPI claims. We are extremely familiar with the way in which the Financial Services Compensation Scheme assess PPI claims and the many additional requirements the FSCS PPI department has in comparision to making a normal PPI claim to a Lender. Many of our clients have told us that they have tried to use the FSCS themselves but have found the additional requirements the FSCS has, has resulted in people giving up pursuing their claim or their claim being rejected.

You will not get back the money you paid for PPI from the FSCS just because you make a claim. People who try to use template letters or reasons found on the Internet and are often surprised when their claims are rejected.

Many people forget even when Companies no longer trade some of them can provide copies of the paperwork or recorded telephone calls to the FSCS. This information can prove borrowers willingly agreed to take out PPI with their Loan and to justify rejecting their PPI refund claim. If the FSCS rejects your PPI claim, their decision is final and you cannot take your claim to the Financial Ombudsman.

A Nationwide firm of Solicitors that specialises in PPI disputes, has warned that 80% of PPI claims are rejected. This means for every five people who try to make a PPI claim only one person is successful.

However, our Company specialises in mis-sold FSCS PPI claims and has a 99% record of winning claims for clients who were mis-sold FSCS PPI.

We work for you on a completely No Win No Fee* basis. This means we don't charge any upfront fees and if we do not win your claim, you will not have to pay us a penny, so there is absolutely no risk of you losing out.

We will take care of all the paperwork to ensure our Clients receive a full refund of the money they paid for PPI, the interest they have paid on it and up to 8% interest for each year since they took out the PPI. This is why our some of our successful Clients are awarded thousands of pounds of compensation, with some being awarded over £10,000.

Even if you don't have any paperwork, can't remember if you took out PPI, have repaid your Loan, cancelled your PPI or received a Cash Back, if you took out your PPI between 2005 and 2015 we may still be able to help you claim back thousands of pounds thorugh the Financial Services Compensation Scheme PPI scheme.

Unfortunately, if you took out your PPI before 2005 we cannot help you because the FSCS only covers from 2005 to date.

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