Picture PPI Claims

Many borrowers who took out Picture PPI (Picture Payment Protection Insurance) with their Picture Loans or Picture Home Loans (After Picture closed down then sold to: Webb Resolutions, Lapithus, Target, Paragon Etc Etc Etc.), could now be entitled to make Picture PPI claims.

Picture Loans were usually for comparativly large amounts. Therefore, succesful Picture PPI claims can result in borrowers receiving awards of over £10,000. Unfortuantly if your Picture Home Loans PPI or your Picture Loans PPI claim fails you will lose yoyur chance to receive thousands of pounds.

Borrowers who use templates or reasons from the Internet are often surprised their claims to the FSCS are rejected. Picture, Webb Resolutions and Lapithus keep copies of documentation and recorded calls, these can be used to prove you were not mis-sold PPI. A Nationwide firm of Solicitors that specialises in PPI disputes, has warned that up to 80% of PPI claims are rejected.

However, you will not automatically receive compensation just because you make a PPI claim. To win compensation it must be proven Picture mis-sold you PPI. People who try using template letters or reasons they find on the Internet to make their claims are disappointed when their claims are rejected. People often forget Picture keep records including Loan agreements people signed requesting PPI was added to their Loan and recorded phone calls that can prove PPI was not mis-sold.
A Nationwide firm of Solicitors who specialise in PPI disputes has warned that 8 out of every 10 PPI claims are unsuccessful.

We specialise in Picture PPI claims with many years of experience winning claims for mis-sold Picture PPI. Our Company wins 99% of claims for clients who were mis-sold Picture PPI, some of our client’s are awarded over £10,000.

We work on a completely No Win No Fee* commission only basis. This means we don’t charge any upfront fees and if we do not win your claim you will not have to pay us a penny. So there is absolutely no risk of you losing out.

We will take care of all the paperwork, we know how to claim back the maximum amount of money possible from Picture, this includes the money you paid for PPI, the interest you paid on it and 8% interest for each year you had Picture PPI. We are proud some of our client’s who were mis-sold Picture PPI is awarded compensation of over £10,000.

Even if you don’t have any paperwork, can’t remember if you took out PPI with Picture, have repaid your Picture Loan, canceled your Picture PPI or even received a No Claims Bonus Cash Back, we may still be able to help you claim back thousands of pounds.

To find out if we will win your Picture PPI claim for you and how much you could claim CLICK HERE

PPI News

FCA confirm mis-selling PPI bill totals over £352 Million in September 2014 alone.

During the last three years over £16 Billion has been paid out in PPI compensation.

£22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPI.

Sky News estimate the Banks PPI mis-selling bill will be more than £22 Billion.

The FCA is forcing lenders re-open over 2.5 Million PPI cases.

Four million more customers may be entitled to PPI pay outs.

Lloyds Bank group who owns Blackhorse sets aside a further £900 Million taking their PPI provision £11 Billion.

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